NOE Letterpress Hang Tags

A one of a kind lover. The best letterpress projects happen when we collaborate together. In this case, NOE tasked us with creating a swing tag to compliment their NOE Custom Garment Collection, in which each item is a unique, one-of-a-kind original. The goal was to create a rainbow of colors, with no two tags being exactly alike.

These were hand-printed using the letterpress process on our Vandercook #4 press, made in 1960. The rainbow color effect is achieved using a process called the "split fountain" or "rainbow roll." Two distinct ink colors are added to the press on either end of the rollers. The press rollers oscillate back and forth to blend the ink, and the color becomes a gradient of the two shades. With each successive print, the inks blend together creating a different color pattern each time. As the ink is drawn off the press by each print, different ink colors are added so every print is completely unique.

These were printed on 100% recycled Mohawk Via Vellum and mounted to a super-thick 60pt board stock after printing, for a total thickness of 77pt.


Design by: NOE


Printing: Split Fountain Letterpress
Press: 1960 Vandercook #4
Dimension: 4 x 5.5 Inches
Paper: 17pt Mohawk Via Vellum duplexed after printing to 60pt Coasterboard