Digital and Offset Printing

Digital and Offset are the two most common printing processes in the commercial printing world today, there are multiple differences between digital and offset the main being speed and cost. High quality and mass quantity is for offset and lower cost with faster turn around is for digital.



Digital prints straight from the computer and uses 4 color process (CMYK) which means if you’re trying to match a Pantone it will not be as accurate as offset but very similar. You’re also not limited by how many colors you can afford as it all comes out in one run. Your turn-around will be much quicker with digital and is the most cost effective process in our shop.


With offset, the higher the quantity the lower the cost per unit, however, the lower the run the more expensive offset can become. These presses can achieve the highest quality akin to letterpress, but without the impression. If you want stationery for your company or 10,000 business cards, this may be the process for you. Offset has a wider range of materials you can run through the machine, such as chipboard.