Foil Stamping

Traditional hot foil stamping remains one of the most versatile ways to add flair to your print work. Choose from metallic foils that almost glow on the page, to deeply opaque pigment foils that let you try new approaches that are impossible with ink alone.

A little bit of eye candy

Foil stamping adds a unique shine in a way you just can’t do with ink. Where metallic inks look flat, foil leaps from the page. Use it for adding subtle flair, or for making a bold statement.

Tantalizing possibilities

There are several types of foil, opening up many interesting possibilities for adventurous designers. Metallic foils have a shiny finish in gold, silver, copper, and many colors. Pigment foils look more like ink, but with the opacity to look great on dark paper. Special Effects Foils let you add rainbows, holograms, patterns and textures.

A different take on letterpress

With foil, you get the same level of hand-crafted control over the process as letterpress printing. It’s printed with a raised plate just like letterpress, on letterpress-style machines. The only difference is that the plate is heated and the film of foil is used instead of ink. In many cases, we can even achieve a deep letterpress-style impression.