Screen Printing

Today, screen printing is most commonly associated with printing on t-shirts. But it's actually a really useful process for printing on paper, too. We have a full screen printing department designed for flatstock screen printing for business cards, posters, stationery and invitations.

Big bright colors for your bright ideas.

Screen printing opens up lots of possibilities for your design. You can print on flat paper , corrugated boxes, plastic, and pretty much anything else that’s flat enough to fit on the press. It’s great for printing the kinds of big floods of color letterpress can’t handle. Or you can take advantage of our large print size to print a full wedding suite ganged up on one sheet. You could even test a subscription-box idea with bright custom-printed boxes. The presses we use are adjustable and flexible, so there are almost too many options.

Not just “Pushing ink through a rag.”

These days, screen printing is often considered an imprecise process. While it’s not capable of the hairline registration of letterpress, it can be pushed to deliver very accurate results. Screen printing works by using pressure of a rubber squeege to force ink through a mesh screen. The screen is covered with an emulsion that seals the mesh everywhere except for where the ink should be pushed through in the shape of your artwork. The finer the mesh, the finer the lines of the print. That’s why we use fine mesh screens that let us print with the crispest lines possible.

It’s all about the combination.

The coolest thing is to create a design that blends letterpress and screen printing, or screen printing and die cutting, or even screen printing and foil stamping. The ability to blend all of these processes will allow you to create unique design combinations that stand out because they’ve never been seen before. As usual, process is only limited by our own creativity. What would you like to create? We’d love to brainstorm with you, so please feel free to reach out today.